Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Junkie

So it's all over except for the counting. How are you going to get your results? Will you sit in front of the television watching one of the network feeds and wait patiently as they decide when and/or whether to present the results you're interested in?

How 20th century.

Avoid the frustration. There's a great interactive tool available that gives you access to all the election results in almost any format you could possibly want.

Globe and Mail has outdone itself this time. Take a look at these Election Night Goodies.

You'll find a wealth of live interactive tools that provide you with the same information the networks are getting only you'll be able to access what you want when you want.

There's an overall Vote Count for each of the parties. You can even look at results from the last election to see how things are developing.
Browse by Province, select a few ridings to Monitor, view all results in one easy to interpret Layout of the Ridings.

For some ideas of interesting ridings to follow take a look at the previous entry on this site entitled
"Tuesday's Headlines".

Check out the
Election Result Site. You won't be disappointed (providing there are no technical glitches and the site works as designed). Comment on the election like a true professional pundit. Analyze results like a pollster. Get that election fix now.

Even if we get a minority government it may be a while before we have another election. Do any of the leaders look like they want to go through this any time soon?

Be aware that the Globe and Mail Site only goes live at 10:00 PM.

Enjoy the show.

Election Tracker