Saturday, December 10, 2005

America Weighs In

No country wants to be seen as influencing another country's election, at least not publicly. Sometimes, however, it can't be helped.

What's new Bill?

Bill Clinton was in Montreal to give a speech on the environment on Friday. Paul Martin, never one to miss a good photo op, modified his travel plans so that he could meet with him. Perhaps he viewed this as part of his responsibility as Prime Minister? Nothing to do with the election. After all, it's important to keep good relations with our neighbor and closest ally.

Why then would you give a speech on Wednesday where you attack the US for not signing on to the Kyoto Accord and accusing America of having no global conscience. Election or no election, you know the Americans aren't going to sit around and take that. They dragged our ambassador in for a quick tongue lashing and the press jumped all over the incident. Was Martin worried? Depends how it plays out in the heartland. Standing up to America can get you some votes.

Who's in charge?

Even though Parliament was dissolved the Liberals still answer for what happens in the country. Sometimes that helps the incumbents and sometimes it doesn't. The Liberals have a number of time bombs that could go off when they least expect it. The obvious one is Gomery but there are others. Canadian hostages in Iraq. Hopefully they get released.

What about US planes carrying prisoners to unnamed destinations? Rumor has it that they may be refueling on Canadian territory. Wouldn't the opposition parties have a field day with that.

There's also the whole income trust leakage issue. It certainly appears that someone knew about the government's positive announcement on dividend tax policy hours before it was made official. People made a lot of money with that little titbit of information. So far, nobody has been able to connect the dots right to the finance minister but no doubt there are a lot of people trying.

What else is lurking out there? That's the problem with long campaigns. It gives people time to find the skeletons.

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