Friday, December 16, 2005

Democracy At Work

As we predicted, the first debate, or should we say "gang press conference", was essentially a non-event. No controversy, no knockout punches, though it is nice to see that all the major party leaders are functionally bilingual. Trudeau would be proud.

One leader that didn't get his own podium was Jim Harris. The Green Party has been trying to rally support and is hosting a petition on their site to get as many voters as possible to register their displeasure with the current state of affairs.

If you feel that four leaders "debating" simply aren't enough, and would like to see at least five, then you can voice your concerns by signing the
Green Party Petition. There may still be time for a change concerning the last two debate formats - but forget about Vancouver. Five debaters really is manageable. Remember the US Democratic Primaries? They had a dozen.

More Petitions

These days, casting a vote isn't enough of a statement. You can answer polling questions but who has the time? What this election campaign needs is more petitions.

Remember the Liberal's slip of the tongue on beer and popcorn? Stephen Janke certainly does. He launched a petition calling for Paul Martin to clarify his position on beer, popcorn, and the spending habits of Canadian families. Voters responded. Over three thousand people, and counting, are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more.

If you also demand clarification on the Liberal position then consider signing the Kids Not Beer petition. Coming at the issue from a different perspective, Rick Mercer launched his own Beer Not Kids petition. You'll be pleased to know that both petitions are doing well. Democracy at work.

A Petition For Us All

Not to be outdone, CanadaElection2006 has launched its own petition. This one potentially affects everyone. If you were hoping that the election would only be called in the New Year or if you just need a little break from the campaign rhetoric then this petition is for you. It calls for a
Pause in the Federal Election, so that everyone can relax during the holidays, take a break, and get back into the election process after New Year's. Send the leaders a strong message by signing our Pause the Federal Election petition.

Show the world that Canadian style democracy works and that "The People" will be heard.

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