Sunday, December 25, 2005

Election Promises

So we made it to the half-way point in the election and it's too close to call. Liberals and Conservatives are within striking distance of each other. What does it mean if you feel you must campaign between Christmas and New Year's? Desparation or a strong push to a win?

Even though it seems that not everyone will take the complete week between Christmas and New Year's off, at least there won't be any campaigning on December 25th. Whatever will the politicians do without an audience? Perhaps they can look through some historical election promises to generate ideas for the next half of the election.

My personal favorite source is the Rhino Party. Now those were promises. Not everyone may be familiar with them since they disbanded in 1993, but not before they left us with some gems; promises that had some meaning.

There was the ever popular promise, if elected, to repeal the law of gravity. No fence sitting or free votes, just unadulterated straight to the point electioneering.

They had promises for every aspect of voter concern. For education, they promised to provide access to higher education for everyone by building taller schools. They wanted to abolish the environment because it was too hard to keep clean.

What about make work programs? Well, if elected, they would count the Thousand Islands to make sure they were all there. They would move the Rocky Mountains one meter west and bring Montreal and Toronto closer together, one hundred kilometers closer to be precise.

Their popularity peaked in the 1980 election when they received one percent of the popular vote. For more of their election promises check out
this site.

Happy Holidays to all and Best Wishes for the New Year. Even though the politicians won't take a break we will. Back in 2006.

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