Thursday, December 01, 2005

If I'm Elected

Just three days into the election campaign and promises and platform ideas are flying at voters fast and furious. On Tuesday all parties shot out of the gate ready to campaign.

Some noteworthy highlights:

Stephen Harper assures us that he loves Canada although he's having problems expressing himself. Paul Martin seizes the moment, and shouts "I Love Canada".

Is a country male or female? Perhaps that question causes Harper to be guarded. After all, once he's elected he promises a free vote on same sex marriage. Maybe he'd get more mileage by campaigning against no sex marriages.

What's the first platform item the Bloc trots out for voter consideration? Quebec athletes should play for Team Quebec and not Team Canada on the international stage. Reminds me of the highway sign just before you reach Quebec city; "Welcome to the Nation's Capital".

By the way, whatever happened to the Rhino party? I miss seeing them actually building their party platform.

Space cadet to run for Liberals. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Marc Garneau will try to follow in the footsteps of Ken Dryden, leverage his name recognition, and slide right into a House of Commons seat.

Finally, if elected, Stephen Harper would cut the GST by one percent immediately and another one percent within five years.

More political goodies to come. It's the holiday season after all.

As a voter what holiday gift do you wish for? Let us know.

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Blogger brucel27 said...

Gay Marriage, and Funding for athletes aren't the real issues for this election.

The "root" problems of this country come from our Central Bank "The Bank of Canada" which inflates the market with fiat money and enslaves our country in a debt money system.

I don't know if this has every been talked about in any such debate by the Liberals and Conservatives.

The debate on the gay marriage is just part of an agenda to dismantle the family. A country without a strong family becomes dependant on every growing goverment.

It's time to move away from this socialistic system and consider Libertarian candidates your area.


8:44 PM  

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