Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Lull Before the Lull

We're officially in the lull before the lull before the storm period of the election. The leaders are preparing themselves for the debates on Thursday and Friday and slowly heading towards Vancouver. Already election activity isn't a top news item as things wind down for the holidays. For you die-hard political junkies, or if you're just bored at work, grab a beer, make some pop-corn and get your election fix here.

Where's the Party?

How many Parties are officially running in this election? If you said three your probably not from Quebec and forgot about the Bloc. Four you say? Just like the debate participants and broadcasters you forgot the Green Party.

Actually, believe it or not, there are thirteen Parties registered for this election. Here's where you can find the tried and true options as well as some more exotic selections if you're desparately searching for a change. Just click on the name.

  • Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

  • Bloc Québécois

  • Canadian Action Party

  • Christian Heritage Party

  • Communist Party

  • Conservative Party

  • Green Party

  • Liberal Party

  • Libertarian Party

  • Marijuana Party

  • Marxist-Leninist Party

  • New Democratic Party

  • Progressive Canadian Party

  • If that's not enough for you, here are a few links to some sites that provide tables of key election issues and where the major parties stand on them.

  • CTV Election Issues Table

  • Globe and Mail Elections Issue Table

  • CBC Election Issues List

    Still need more? Review our archives and reminisce.

    Election Tracker


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