Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Must See TV

Are you fed up with Christmas specials yet? Perhaps you're concerned that your favorite television shows are going into reruns as they break for the holidays. No need to fret. Our politicians will be providing us with some pre-holiday entertainment.

In fact, not only will they entertain us for four hours before Christmas, they're so confident that we'll want more, they'll reprise their performances for another four hours after Christmas.

We're talking about the ever popular leadership debates.

This time around there will be four debates in total, two in French and two in English. Get out your agendas and pencil in these dates:
  1. December 15th French Debate in Vancouver
  2. December 16th English Debate in Vancouver
  3. January 9th English Debate in Quebec
  4. January 10th French Debate in Quebec

Let's all take a break from holiday preparations and watch what promises to be a cautious and carefully scripted presentation of previously announced policies and well established differences of opinion.

This time the moderators will present questions asked by you the voter without a live audience. It's hoped that this will give the candidates more room to outline their ideas and not be shouted down by a vocal audience. If these things get any more scripted we may as well just send them some emails and have their responses posted publicly.

If you're a sports nuts, watch the leaders bob and weave around the questions like NFL running backs. For the fiction enthusiasts, pay attention to all the promises being made. And, for a little drama, let's see if the Green Party succeeds in getting a spot in the debates. After all, they did get 4.3% of the vote last time around.

If you do happen to miss the debates, rest assured. We'll bring you the highlights right here as they happen.

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