Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tortoise And Hares

Pacing is everything.

The first week was dominated by the Tories. They reiterated their position on same sex marriage, they proposed a reduction in the GST, and brought out a policy for reduced wait times in the health-care system. Not finished yet, Harper proposed mandatory sentences for drug trafficking and laws to control federal corruption. Can they keep up the pace?

As for the Liberals, well, they have an astronaut running and they're against everything Harper said. It's a long campaign. Given the mood of the country for change as well as the albatross of Gomery around their necks, perhaps keeping their head down for the first half of the race will turn out to be a winning strategy.

First stop Oshawa

The NDP started the week with the same tried and true approach. What's a federal election without a visit to Canada's automotive heartland, Oshawa. A promise for action for an old industry that's in deep trouble. Instead of continueing to support overpaid, heavily unionized laborers maybe they should propose funding for car designers and rely on the trickle down effect. The US auto industry will never get out of the tailspin they're in if they don't offer the public a product they can get behind. Doesn't anyone in the NDP own a Japanese car?

Layton also wants to slap retaliatory duties on oil exports to get back at America's softwood lumber tariff policy. It's not hard enough that we sleep next to the elephant, now Layton wants to poke it with a stick.

Is this for real?

Gilles Duceppe wants you to know that an independent Quebec will take better care of the environment than Ottawa has been able to do. That promise may actually be one he can keep. If Quebec separates, so much industry will flee the country there won't be anyone left to pollute the environment. Now if only the rivers and air currents would play ball and conform to Quebec laws.

One other thing. "A vote for the Bloc isn't a vote for sovereignty" says Gilles Duceppe. "Yes it is!" says Paul. "No it isn't!" insists Gilles. And so it goes.

As for the Green Party, well they're miffed because they won't be included in the debates.

Seven more weeks of this.

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