Monday, January 02, 2006

An Alternate Dimension

Doesn't it seem like we are living in an alternate dimension? Remember elections where the Liberals were disciplined, held ranks and stayed on message? The Tories could always be relied on to have someone come out with an idiotic comment that would help convince voters that they were all crazy.

Not this election. Something very strange is going on. Harper is coming out with one well targeted policy after another, making few mistakes, and deflecting loaded questions like a Jedi Master. Take for example the Income Trust Scandal. Rather than get involved, Harper, like a seasoned politician, told the press that he'd let the Liberals go ahead and explain that one. Beautiful!

Martin, on the other hand, seems to be working from an old Tory playbook. He had to deal with the Beer and Popcorn slip-up. Then some Liberal genius forgets that anyone can read a blog and proceeds to trash both Layton and his wife. Granted, it's not Martin's fault directly, but it does point to a certain lack of control of the troops.

And what about the Goodale
income trust scandal? You would think that after the sponsorship debacle and voter perception of rot in the government that the Liberals would do whatever they could to appear ethical and squeaky clean.

At first it seemed that the Liberals were just trying to keep their powder dry and get through the first half of the election without too much damage. The heavy artillery would come out in the New Year. Polls are showing that it may be too late for that. Will they really be able to convince enough people that Scary Harper shouldn't be trusted?

The worst thing a general can do is fight the last war.

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