Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Belinda Bolts To Bloc

Imagine how Belinda Stronach must feel at this point. She was a star candidate for the Conservatives in the last election. Even with the money and power of her father's manufacturing empire (Magna International) she was only able to squeak out a win by fewer than 700 votes.

After less than a year in opposition she realizes the Conservatives aren't in line with her beliefs. Coincidently, Paul Martin is looking for a new up and coming go-getter to add to his party. In fact he's so taken by her potential that he gives her a cabinet position.

Fast forward 7 months and everyone's fighting for their jobs. On election night it will be interesting to see whether the voters of Newmarket Ontario appreciated the change of heart their candidate had. In a recent rally attended by both Martin and Stronach she didn't look too happy. Paraphrasing from "The Godfather", just when she thinks she's out (of opposition) they drag her back in. Or worse.

Running on the Record

Normally the party in power runs on its record reminding voters of their great accomplishments and promising goodies to come if they get re-elected. Not in this election.

It's almost funny to watch. The Liberals outline in great detail what they plan to implement if elected then watch the opposition parties simply remind voters that they had 12 years to do it and they didn't.

The only exception to this is the economy. The Liberals mention it often and so they should. Give credit where credit is due. Progress has been made on that front. Many Canadians don't realize that we were spending $40 billion more per year than we were bringing in. Year over year that adds up. At one point the country as a whole was in debt by more than $600 billion.

Credit Card Debt

Imagine your weekly salary is $1000 but you put $1100 on your credit card every week. That's a deficit of $100. In a year you have credit card debt of $5200 (not considering interest). Continue at this rate and your credit rating goes down, your monthly credit payments are unmanageable and eventually you face the business end of bankruptcy.

That's pretty much where Canada was headed before Martin pulled in the reigns and curbed excessive spending. Whether you agree with how the cuts were made or not, making them was the right decision for us all.

It's Hari-Kari Time

Less than two weeks to go in the campaign. It's just about the time that the Conservatives traditionally start to self-destruct. Remember the last election. Harper begins talking about the West finally taking power and starts thinking about changing the drapes and carpeting at 24 Sussex. The crazies in the Conservative party come out of the woodwork and give interviews on what's in store for Canada. Voters in Ontario switch back to the Liberals.

So far in this election we've only seen a few incidents of this. Just after the holidays Harper started to talk about Conservatives having momentum but that was quickly quieted down. Maybe this time things will be different. Guess which party will be most surprised if that happens?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's easy to say that Martin eliminated the deficit and thus he is the greatest Minister of Finance that Canada has ever had. However, that is all false. The reason that the deficit was eliminated (granted, under the Liberals)is the billions of dollars generated by the GST (introduced by the Conservatives in 1991) and the immense economic activity resulting from the Free Trade Agreement (again introduced by the Conservatives). One cannot Ignore those two facts, it's history my friends. The Liberals only reaped the benefits from the unpopular measures that the Conservatives had the courage to bring forward. Martin was no magician.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daddy's little girl has principles you know! And if you don't like the ones she's got she has others up her sleeve - guess she should have been a slimy Liberal all along.

1:04 AM  

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