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If you want to give someone a scare it helps to have the element of surprise on your side. However, if you want to keep someone scared you need a strategy that relies on creating fear of the unknown. Spielberg used this strategy effectively in "Jaws". For the longest time viewers never saw the shark, they developed a sense of fear from imagining what it might be like. Most fears are like that. It's the element of the unknown coupled with your imagination that heightens the sense of fear in us all.

A Hidden Agenda

This is the same strategy used by the Liberals to create a fear of Harper, the Conservatives, and their "hidden agenda". They continue to try to scare the electorate with this unknown, unseen, monster under the bed approach.

How can anyone possibly vote for the Conservatives? They have a hidden agenda. What is it? We don't know. It's hidden. What we can be certain of is that it couldn't possibly be good. Why? It's hidden. That's why. Why would you hide it if it wasn't bad therefore it must be bad. Really bad. Scary Harper must be stopped or he'll bring out his "hidden agenda".

Let's take a step back and try to look at things objectively. Maybe there's a hidden agenda and maybe there isn't. How about examining what we know about the Conservative platform so far?

With healthcare they want to reduce waiting times for medical services. Not so scary. On the Economy they want to cut the GST and strengthen internal audit procedures in government so that there is more accountability and hopefully less waste. Sounds OK.

On Defense, they would increase the funding to DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team). It's a little embarrassing, and maybe scary, when the Canadian quick response team takes weeks to get to where they are needed. If the Conservatives want to improve that, great.

Another thing they want to do is increase our military capabilities in the Arctic. We do have a border there and should be able to provide some level of defense when needed. Otherwise, Denmark, that's Denmark, will continue to push us around up there. Now that's scary. Or is it embarrassing?

The Non-Hidden Agenda

The non-hidden part of his agenda goes on and on. They would guarantee access to both parents and grandparents of children involved in a divorce. They would create a Ministry responsible for senior citizens. They would make scholarships and bursaries tax free. They're against the criminalization of marijuana. They're for mandatory minimum sentences for criminals that use a firearm in the commission of a crime. They're against the Kyoto Accord. Now this doesn't mean they're against preserving the environment, just this particular agreement on the environment.

Same-Sex Marriage

What about the big issue everyone talks about: Same-Sex Marriage? Harper has publicly stated that he would call for a free vote in parliament on the issue. This means every MP is free to vote their conscience or at least vote in a way that doesn't upset the majority of the voters in their riding. Sounds pretty democratic. What's so scary about that? A free vote could go in favor of same-sex marriage, couldn't it?

You could look at these positions on the various issues and decide that they're not what you stand for and vote for someone else. No problem with that. There is enough of a publicly outlined plan on most issues to consider without even taking the hidden part of the agenda into account.

Fear Not Canada

Here's the reason why most Canadians won't, or shouldn't be swayed by the Scary Harper argument this time around. Most likely we're looking at a minority government. The opposition parties probably will find it difficult to bring down a minority Conservative government without a damn good reason. A good reason might be if Harper trots out his hidden agenda.

What if Canadians are more fed up with the Liberals then they're letting on to the pollsters and we get a majority Conservative government? Could happen. Once they get a taste of power do you think they'll throw it away so easily by bringing out this hidden agenda everyone is so scared of? In the next election, the Liberals would make the Kim Campbell defeat something the Conservatives would reminisce about.

Whether the Conservatives win a majority, minority, or not at all, this often discussed hidden agenda will probably remain hidden.

Thank goodness. Publicly I say I'd like to have a peak at it, but just between you and me, I'm a little scared.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your perspective. Sooner or later the West will get its chance at the trough.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous vijay sappani said...

well,I wish you will be right, after all poltics is not about proving someone right or worng, its about civic engagement for uplifiting our country. I don't think Harper is a bad person perse, but I dont like the coterie of people around him, some of whom I think are racist and live in the 1800's and that my no means is an endorsement to the way things have been handled in my own party. I hope Stockwell Day doesnt go on a vicious attack trip against minorities and hopefully the conservative energy can be properly chanelled towards bringing peace in armed conflict regions through peaceful negotiations and not more conflict.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberal agenda: 1. Scare voters 2. Get back to privelege and power(and access to treasury!).

1:07 AM  
Blogger That's Enough! said...

Harper is very "scary" and nothing written here in your blog will convince me otherwise. First off, his party is now called "Conservative".........relaces the original "Reform" nominclature but a name change doesn't prove a change in tactics.
He is Western first and foremost and the West hates the East.....jealousy of Ontario is well known and I know this as fact as I worked and lived in the west for years. Harper is being judged here in Ontario for what he doesn't say. Will not address gay marriages because he will reverse this law once in women's rights......abolishment of day one can deny this.......he is a larger and a more complete "Mike Harris" and we all know in Ontario what his reign of terror did to this province.............Toronto will not receive any help from Harper if he gets a majority as he wants to punish Toronto for non support. Unfortunately the rest of Canada doesn't realize that Toronto is the engine that drives the economy of this great country. The Liberals are very corrupt and have not shown the working poor of Canada much respect but Harper will be so much worse. This election is all about the lesser of all evils and it's not what Harper says that scares's what he doesn't say. God help us all!

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Yahoo said...

If you want to know something scary about Harper, besides his soulless eyes, check out what he's done and will continue to do to agriculture - IN HIS OWN BACK YARD!!

- Let the [American] packers screw farmers (done it!)
- Take away the 'power' of the 'monopolistic' Candian Wheat Board (Will do!!)

For those who don't know, this 'monopoly' sells between $3 and $4 billion (Canadian dollars) worth of Western Canadian wheat worldwide each year. Cargill, an American Agri-Giant, the world's largest private corporation, AND a beneficiary of Harper's party's moves in the first point, sells a mere $64 billion U.S. in grains a year. The Wheat Board has no monopoly power, Trans-Nationals do, and the Wheat Board is the last bastion of support for Canadian grain farmers.

Want truly scary. A Conservative majority will and has promised to completely subjugate the Canadian food supply to American interests.

11:53 PM  

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