Thursday, January 12, 2006

Effective Time Management

You have to wonder how effectively the Liberals are managing their time these days. It seems like they need to take a look at Stephen Covey's "First Things First" or "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". Even in an election campaign that is as long as this one, who has the time to create ads that they don't intend to use?

That's the problem with the explanation the Liberals are giving for the recent "military in Canadian cities attack ad". It wasn't just outlined or story-boarded. They recorded it, did the necessary post production work on it and included it on tapes released to the media. Why else would you do this if you weren't planning to use them?

Perhaps that's why their campaign is in such disarray. Lack of effective time management and proper prioritization of tasks. They spend their time creating ads they won't air, posters they won't display, brochures they won't distribute and policies and promises they won't keep.

Google It

If you enter "Attack Ad" in Google, the first item that comes up is a link to the US Republican Party, specifically a hub for all information related to the Republican Party. It's no wonder the Liberals continue to rely on this tried and true method of gaining power. It worked for Bush against Kerry in 2004, it worked in the last Canadian election so why not try it again. Unless of course everyone sees you coming and prepares appropriately. Speaking of attack ads, here's a link to a spoof attack ad that illustrates how silly things can get to:
Bush vs Jesus Attack Ad .

Cartoon humor

Sticking with the theme of humor in politics, the most effective attack ads are really some of the political cartoons dealing with the federal election. In the US they say that once the late night talk shows start making fun of your campaign you may as well hang things up and go home 'cause it's pretty much over. In Canada it's the editorial cartoonists that wield this power.

Here's a sample of some of them:

Federal Party Leaders by Chapleau
A Sampling of Aislin Cartoons
The Passion of Paul Martin by Chapleau

Finally, here is a link to a directory of editorial cartoonists with samples of their work. Not all of them relate to the election but are interesting to look at just the same.

Directory of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists
With the election seeming to go on and on sometimes you have to take a step back and laugh a little at the whole thing.

Election Tracker


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