Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tuesday's Headlines

Wow! It certainly has been a far more interesting election than anyone would have predicted in November. At that time it looked like we would get the status quo again and probably be bracing ourselves for yet another minority government.

What happened to the weather? Remember when everyone was worried about a winter election? Hasn't really come up as an issue has it.

Apart from the overall election results what else is there to look for while watching Monday night's election returns? Here are some possible developments that would merit a headline on Tuesday.

Third Time Lucky For Olivia

Olivia Chow, Jack Layton's wife, is trying for a third time to get elected at the Federal level. She's running in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina riding. Last time her Liberal opponent beat her by just 800 votes.

In this campaign a Liberal Party blogger compared her to a dog. Between personal attacks and Liberal voter fatigue she should be able to bleed off 800 votes. That's all she needs to win.

Sticky Fingers

Another riding to look at is Vancouver-Centre. That's where Svend Robinson is running for the NDP. Remember Svend? He came clean and confessed to a little shoplifting once it became clear that his actions were captured on videotape. Exactly how forgiving are Canadians? Or is it that we believe politicians will be politicians?

Belinda's Folly

Then of course there's the riding of Newmarket-Aurora where Belinda Stronach is running as a Liberal. As was already discussed in
Belinda Bolts it will be interesting to see how forgiving the voters are in her riding.

BC Decides Election

It must be terribly frustrating to be a voter in BC. Some people are predicting that the race could be close or at least close enough that ridings in British Columbia could actually affect the overall election results. If Ontario splits three ways no party will have enough seats to form a government. If that happens it could be a long night for the die-hard political junkies. You know. The one or two million of you that absolutely must be the first to know the election results.

Green Party Doubles Votes

Even with petitions and public outcries the Green Party still couldn't get a spot in the debates or a real voice in the campaign. Is their popularity stalled at 4%. Are Canadians series about environmental issues or not? It's a perfect time for disgruntled or undecided voters to park their vote in a green space. Huge news would be if they actually get a candidate elected. BC is the only place where this is remotely possible.

Bloc Fails to Capture 40%

Wasn't this supposed to be a cakewalk for the Bloc? The Liberals were going to crumble in Quebec (which they have) and everyone would rush to the Bloc giving them the psychological 50% of the vote. Now Gilles Duceppe must be kicking himself for listening to the press and his wife and taking a break in campaigning during the holidays.

Riding in from nowhere came Stephen Harper with a cowboy hat in one hand and a warm welcome to Quebecers in the other. Off they went to the Conservative Party leaving the Bloc scrambling to regroup. Any vote total below their last showing (47%) would be disappointing and 40% would be a crushing defeat. That would mean at least 10 Tories elected in Quebec.

A Shocker in LaSalle-Emard

Paul Martin is the Liberal candidate in LaSalle-Emard. As angry as voters are with the Liberals could he really lose in his own riding. In the last election he won by over 14,000 votes. Stranger things have happened.

Ontario Embraces Liberals Again

Although most polls say this is unlikely, if the Liberals pull it off once again and form a minority government they'll have Ontario to thank. The other headline that would be just around the corner: "Alberta and Quebec Decide to Leave Canada"

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